Spread love❤ than a Little Hate😄!

Love ❤and hate 😏are two different poles of the situation or on people or on things etc!

We hate things we love things! we keep it balanced ( 50% hate 50% love)!

I know we can’t love our every circumstance but it doesn’t mean we should hate it !

Hate is a four letter word and so Love is.. Sometimes we hate and love the same things and hence we are confused!

We always entangle ourselves between these two words! How strange isn’t it?

Every living thing or non living thing deserves love ! We actually spread hate easily than love ! Love yourself so that you can spread warmth to others!

No matter how much one harms you or dislikes you ..or gives you hatred ….Give back love in return whether they deserve it or not!

If you can’t like a person then also it’s absolutely okay ! But don’t detest them !

There will be so many people who have smashed us , broken us completely 💔! At some point of time we do hate them for shattering us!! Hating is not so wrong but at some extent its not so correct!

Hate the situation not the person who has let you down!

Love and Hate both are four letter words! Love gives you joy hate destroys you’re inner joy !!!!
– The Bhagavad Gita ( The holy book) rather tells that you should love everyone, not only you’re family and friends but everyone!

Holding Hatred in our heart is like keeping you’re hand in the 🔥 fire!

Give Love = Recieve Hatred it’s fine

Give Hatred = Expect Love in return Its eventually not viable always!

Give Love = Receive Love hmm balanced !

So it’s primarily simple than math ! We keep on trying to solve in math at last we end up with the perfect solution!

Similarly the same case goes on here also. … Keep on giving love at the end you will recieve less hatred!

So , LHS = RHS

So spread LOVE …….❤ As fast as we spread gossips….XD 😂😂!